How You Doulan?
Brandon, FL
Hi, I'm Jackie Roberts, a
Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula in Tampa Bay. I also offer Placenta Encapsulation and help with Lactation, Cloth Diapering and Baby Wearing.

There For You During Birth
We all want our memories to be full of sunshine. Having a doula can really make that happen when it comes to birth. Midwives, Doctors, nurses and other hospital staff are all there to take care of the birth and the baby. Doulas are there to take care of the mommy. We are there to comfort you, to help you understand what is going on and to stay connected to the beautiful process you are going through. Some women need the security of one professional in the room that is there just for them. Some women need the extra care a devoted woman can give them. Others need a comforting presence when their loved ones are unavailable to be there due to distance, culture or any other reason. Each woman's needs are different. A doula covers all bases and is truly the birthing mother's rock during the long hours.

There For You After Birth
In the days and weeks after giving birth parents find themselves exhausted, overwhelmed and wishing they had a little help. Whether you need someone to help with teaching you how to best care for your newborn, to help out with the day to day things you just are not getting to, or to care for your baby while you get a little sleep, a doula can give you the peace of mind that your family is well looked after. Another very important issue at this time is post partum depression. One in seven women suffer from some form of mood disorder during or after the birthing process. Having a trusted doula you can turn to in this time can help tremendously in getting the support you need. 

There For Partner
Many partners wonder about where they fit and how they can help during and after birth. A doula can help guide the partner in many situations to find a deeper connection during labor and with baby during and after. From instructing them on comfort measures to being a calming presence, a doula encourages each partner to be an integral part of the blessing that is taking place.

I am located in Brandon, FL. I work in about a 50 mile radius from there. The only reason I do not like to work further out is for your safety. I worry about taking too long to get to you when you need me. Exceptions can always be made, but consider how long you would want to wait to have someone by your side :)

Initial Meeting

Birth and Visits

We get together at your home or wherever you would like to meet. We spend usually an hour or two getting to know each other. We talk about what kind of help you are looking for. Some families want more help leading up to birth. Some want more attention after baby is born. We set up a plan that works for you.
I will come to you for 2 sessions, lasting approximately 2-4 hours each, depending on what you need. These meetings can happen in any combination of before and after birth. We discuss any and all wants, needs and concerns you are having about birth, baby, motherhood, feedings, newborn care, postpartum, etc.. I am hands on to help you however you need.

On the day of your baby's birth I come when you are ready for me to be there for you. I will stay by your side for the entire birth, no matter how long, no matter where you give birth. After the birth, I will stay about two hours, depending on your wants and needs. 

Florida does not require any licensing or certifications to be a doula. I am however getting them anyway. I am working on Birth and Postpartum Doula training with Birth Arts International. I am also in the process of becoming a Leader with La Leche League International . Next, I will get IBCLC certification.   

I currently volunteer for The Seventh Mom Project.  They help mothers going through perinatal mood disorders. 


From our first meeting until our last I am available to you 24/7. You can call, text or email me anytime you want. I will answer questions, find information you are looking for, give you referrals and just be there when you need to talk. I am your emotional and professional support line during your entire pregnancy.

During meetings and in between
comminucations we will:
create a birth plan
set up a postpartum plan
gather all the resources you will need
discuss fears and make plans how to adress them
and most importantly
celebrate this awesome time 

​Families come in all shapes and sizes. We have different cultural, religious and lifestyle backgrounds that make each unit unique and beautiful. I embrace all family types and structures and lifestyle choices. My job is to help your family enjoy the exciting time of having a new baby.

Every family deserves such happiness!!

Additional Postpartum Help

Some families need extra help after baby is born. Whether your family lives far away, your partner cannot get enough time off of work, or you do not have the support system you would wish, I am here for you.
I offer rates for extra visits, and am free to contact by phone, text or email during reasonable hours.

Births (Mine and Others)
  1. Leanne and Athena
    Leanne and Athena
    First moments of mom Leanne bonding with Athena after c-section birth.
  2. Jackie and Everett
    Jackie and Everett
    Me holding this beautiful baby while the doctors finish up with Momma Blair
  3. Ron & Athena
    Ron & Athena
    Daddy finally steals Athena away from Mommy and I for some much needed snuggles :)
  4. My little Lily
    My little Lily
    Look at all that vernix!! So happy to be able to relax in my own bed moments after my baby was born.
  5. My home birth
    My home birth
    Henry supporting me while midwife Cheryl talks me through this contraction. What an empowering day! Ask me about my home water birth!!
  6. Hospital Days
    Hospital Days
    I attended the births of two of these beautiful children. Aren't they beautiful!?!

Initial Meeting, Birth & 2 Visits = $600
Above plus 2-3 extra visits = $700
Stand-Alone Postpartum Visits = $20/hr or $25/hr overnight
​Placenta Ecapsulatoin = $200
Please do not let financial consideratoins keep you from contacting me! I always work with my clients to help figure out how to make this happen via payment plans etc. 
Contact Me
Do not go through this alone or afraid! 

If you are alone, do not have the support network you need, or feel at risk in anyway - PLEASE - contact me immediately! I am here to help, to support and to find you the resources you need!
Call or text me at 813-360-5287
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